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About us

A Group of Companies "Servolux" is the largest producer and the major agribusiness operator in the Republic of Belarus. The Group is rapidly growing in the markets of Ukraine and Russia.

The core business activities are as follows:

— poultry meat production — 179.5 ktonnes in 2016;
— complete feed and specialties production — 487 ktonnes in 2016;
— milk production — 20.7 ktonnes in 2016;
— meat and sausage products  — 10.3 ktonnes in 2016;
— a branded retail chain comprising more than 100 grocery neighborhood stores;
— supplies of animal-breeding and feed milling equipment.

"Servolux" Group of Companies is an authorized dealer of:
— the companies which are included in the largest agribusiness holding in Europe — Nutreco (the Netherlands);
— a number of the best European manufacturers of agricultural equipment:
hore-Time Europe (the Netherlands);
Fancom (the Netherlands).

A comprehensive integrated teamwork of experts in the fields of market research and analysis, physical trading, commodities exchange business and risk management contributes greatly to and helps towards the achievement of high operating results.