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Kvartal Vkusa

Grocery stores network Kvartal Vkusa is a chain of general stores in the neighborhood, where one can purchase all necessary goods.

The network includes stores in different areas of the city, making the stores available for the customers and enlarging the audience: our customers are not only the residents of the nearest neighborhood, but also office employees of the nearby enterprises, the customers who find it convenient to do shopping on their way home.

Taking into account the concerns of the customers Kvartal Vkusa network suggests a range of products for each part of the audience: this includes everyday products (milk, bread, meat products, etc.) and semi-finished products, ready-to-eat cookery, snacks, constituents for a full and tasty lunch (salads, cutlets, own-made pancakes), products of sweet group for soul and holidays (candies, cakes, chocolate, cookies), and of course uncooked fresh products for cooking at home (poultry meat, vegetables, grains, etc).

Grocery stores network Kvartal Vkusa works only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers who have positive reputation and prioritize the quality of a products.

Kvartal Vkusa network guarantees constant availability of fresh and natural poultry meat of Petruha brand in the stores. During close cooperation branded departments of the famous and popular among the customer Petruha trademark have been created and are being developed in every sales outlet of KV. Today partnership between the stores and Petruha poultry meat producers allows to make everyday deliveries of the cooled poultry meat products, suggest a full range and increase the loyality of the customers not only by the optimal price/quality rate, but also by running different advertising campaigns.

Kvartal Vkusa network is developing dynamically. The number of stores under Kvartal Vkusa trademark is increasing intensively due to a realization of a joint project of ODO Alternativnaya Economica and OAO Zadneprovie. As a result of such cooperation the customers may expect not only a counter with a cashier and poor assortment, but a modern comfortable form of trading of new quality, with friendly atmosphere, decent navigation, desired product range, pleasant interior.

The company is planning to convert from a single-format network to a multi-format one, which allows to suggest services for different groups of target audience of the customers.

The employees of the store network never rest on their laurels. With current high goods turnover figures, firm contacts with the suppliers, newly replaced shop fittings, the company is constantly looking for additional sources of success. For example for exploration of the buyers interests the marketing surveys, promo sales, advertising events, new planograms, implementation of cutting edge programs on customer assistance and performance analysis are constantly held in the stores. Such surveys result in new tasks for business development.