Competitive market in the Republic of Belarus promoted the appearance and onrush development of domestic brands, but only a few of them hold the leading roles in the consumer rating. Due to the specifics of our product — poultry meat — the works on the creation of a strong brand-name and a brand in its professional concept is built exclusively during communication with the customers through the product itself and through its distribution. A brand cannot be created without actual implementation of high quality and correct organics of anticipation of the consumers market.

Petruha is a vivid example of creation of a famous and popular brand out of a dull product (just poultry meat).

The strength of the brand-name is confirmed not only by its acknowledgement among the professionals (the brand is the winner of Brand of the Year competition, nominee of the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in terms of quality), but, which is more important, on the consumers market (the rate of recognition of the brand in the Republic of Belarus is 81%, the brand has got many Product of the Year awards, sales statistics).

Such acknowledgement is a result of a harmonic combination of the visualization of the brand (joyful, cheerful, strong and healthy Peter the Cockerel) and its slogan (Petruha — always up to the mark), communication with consumer public.

Today Petruha is the quality standard as a product and service. The quality of the product is always fresh, natural products and the quality of service guarantee the standards of the brand: timely delivery of fresh cooled products, common aesthetic appearance of the sales outlets, correct laying out of the products, full assortment and, of course, polite and courteous customer treatment.

Throughout quality is the main priority of creation and promotion of Petruha brand:

  • quality concern about the products at production stage — the production process is controlled by the best specialists using the cutting-edge technologies. Constant control and optimization of distribution from production to the end-user is being carried out;
  • high-quality and lively representation of the products: Petruha-branded products are packing in modern, high-quality and bright packing, which is constantly modernized, both technologically and visually;
  • high-quality provision of information to the customer about the brand: Petruha brand offers the customers informational support by means of advertising materials, branded recipes, informational videos, web-site, communication with the end-user though hotline;
  • high-quality selection of places of supply: the products are always available in the best places convenient for the customers. The sales outlets have common appearance and work according to the Standards of the Trademark.

Only the most fresh, natural, quality products are sold as Petruha-branded. Petruha is not only poultry meat products, but a brand-name, which is created and delivered to the customers with care and helps them to Be up to the mark! as well.

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