Servolux Genetic

Servolux Genetic LLC is a Ukrainian and Dutch enterprise created for realization of a joint project Selection of breeding hogs in Ukraine.

The breeding trend of the agricultural market in former Soviet Union countries is in its origin. Therefore activities of PJSC Servolux in livestock pig breeding which facilitate both the development of the companys business and the market and allows to hold the leading position, is of critical importance.

Servolux Genetic is the representative of Hypor in Ukraine. Company Hypor is a part of Hendrix Genetics group. Area of practice of Hendrix Genetics is selection, stock breeding and development of new genetic know-hows for the world market.

Servolux Genetic LLC is the only nucleus farm in Ukraine for rearing of pure lines of GGP sows. Animals with the highest health status for this pig farm will be imported from the Hypor farms in Spain and France.

Activities of Servolux Genetic LLC
  1. Rearing and sale of replacement sows of pure lines of LANDRACE, LARGE WHITE and hybrid pigs F1 of company Hypor
  2. Rearing and sale of parental boars Maxter 16 and Maxter 304 France Hybrides
  3. Sale of the semen of parental boars
  4. Information and consultation services

In the activities of Servolux Genetic much attention is given to the selection of boars with high genetic potential, as they produce many pigs for slaughter. All the piglets inherit the genotype of the boars. The characteristics of a highly valued HYPOR boar are:

  • High percentage of lean meat
  • High daily gain
  • Low feed conversion
  • Good meat quality
  • Strong and healthy (good) legs
  • Good body composition

The results of FH16 (Maxter 16):
Life weight of 100 kg achieved by:152,2 days.
Average daily gain 35 — 100 kg:925 g
Fat at weight 100 kg:10.35 mm

Loin middle:

45.84 cm²
Feed conversion:2.71

Reproduction results of Maxter 304
Animal stock:3063
Life weight of 100 kg achieved by138,2
Average daily gain (0-100 kg)731,5
Fat thickness at 100 kg, mm:10,15
Number of selected animals:1380
Selected percentage:45,1%

Realization of Servolux Genetic LLC project shall demonstrate the local farmers that the correct farm management and proper breeding stock may positively change both the quality of the products and the profitability of the enterprise.

The results of Servolux Genetic LLC business shall also allow to increase the quality of the products of meat factories.