Private Joint-Stock Company Agrolink was founded in 2004.

The core business activity of PJSC Agrolink is rearing and management of poultry breeders for productions of hatching eggs and day-old chicks of heavy breed.

Parent stock of day-old chicks is an important resource of the poultry farm for the growth of the performance efficiency. This companys activity allows to neutralize the problems of national poultry farming related to the underdevelopment of the breeding school in the country.

PJSC Agrolink purchases day-old chick of parent stock of Hybro PG+ breed at the poultry breeding plant in the Netherlands. Parent stock day-old chicks of Ross 308 breed are delivered from Finland, Cobb are delivered from Germany. Mother stock birds are purchased 4 times a year. Only the best birds are selected for production.

Leading-edge technologies allow to reproduce healthy breed: the birds are farmed on a deep non-changeable bedding from the age of one day till 19 weeks in the houses for rearing, then they are transferred to the houses of management of adult birds and are kept there till the age of 60 weeks;

  • the equipment of Chore-Time, Vencomatic, Fancom is used for bird management;
  • the management of the birds during rearing is based on the combination of restricted feeding and drinking with differentiated light program. Feed restrictions for rearing birds start from 3-5 weeks of age which allows to achieve the standard live weight and bird development according to the recommendations on the breed management. Water restrictions start after 8 weeks of age. Together with start of feed restriction the light day is shortened to 8 hours and the light intensity is reduced to 5 lux. From the 19th week of age the birds are fed daily according to the standards, drinking is ad libitum;
  • for incubation mainly the eggs of meat breeds of layers of the age from 7 till 14 months are used, so the birds are in egg production for 7 months, the first 5 months are the peak of egg production.

For incubation the first state-of-art hatchery in Belarus was installed and put into operation in 2007. The manufacturer of the hatchery is company Petersime (Belgium). Hatching equipment showed itself to good advantage and allows to hatch healthy good quality chicks.

Keeping of layers older than 14 months is economically inadvisable, their egg productions gets lower, egg fertility is poorer, quantity of birds is constantly decreasing due to culling.

After the first cycle of egg production all parent stock birds are replaced with rearing birds.

The whole process from purchasing of day-old chicks of parent stock to the delivery of the day-olds chicks to the farm is strictly controlled by the specialists of PJSC Agrolink which secures high quality and reliability for the consumers.