JSC Ecomol was created in 1993 on the basis of Zadneprovskiy experimental plant on special compound feed production, since 2007 its a part of Servolux group of companies.

Nowadays JSC Ecomol is one of the largest enterprises in Belarus which produces high-quality well balances compound feed and premixes almost for all agricultural animals.

Since 2008 JSC Ecomol is undergoing gradual renovation of the production facilities: own boiler house, grain cleaner and dryer complex, new grain storage have been placed in operation. In 2010 it is planned to finish the renovation of the dosing-grinding-mixing and pelleting line, put into operation new supplementary grain storage and protein materials storage bins.   Trouw Nutrition B. V. ,   Nutreco Holding N. V. , ,   .

  • Production lines are complete with up-to-date equipment from Van Aarsen, Schmidt-Seeger, CPM-Europe B. V.  , Chore-Time Brock International.
  • Theres strict control over the quality at any production stage: starting from input raw materials till the dispatch to the buyer.
  • The raw materials come only from the verified and certified suppliers which are the leaders of their markets segments.
  • The feed formulations are developed with the help of the most modern software.

Yearly compound feed productions in 2009 will be 160 000 tons. After the renovation the production capacity of the enterprise will allow to increase the volume of the produced compound feed to 240 000 tons per year. The priority is production of prestarter and starter feeds. Besides, the enterprise produces protein and vitamin concentrates and premixes with a total volume of about 15 000 tons per year.

The use of total mixed feeds, protein and vitamin additives and premixes from JSC Ecomol allows to achieve the animals productivity parameters which match the European performance.

The consumers of JSC Ecomol products are the leaders of the poultry and pig breeding markets of Belarus: branch Servolux Agro, JSC Vitebskaya broilernaya ptsitsefabrika, JSC Druzhba, RUSPP Soligorskaya ptsitsefabrika RUPSP SGTs Zapanyi, UKSP Severnyi, SPK Agrokombinat Snov and other.