On the 4th of December 2012 the waste-water treatment facility was launched on the premises of Servolux Agro branch. 


On the 1st of September 2011 the construction of the innovative waste-water treatment plant was started. The innovativeness of the installation is integrated waste water treatment with a minimum use of chemical agents. The facility uniqueness is that biosolids and sludge (by-products of effluent water treatment process) can be reutilized as a farm fertilizer. 


The installation itself is compact-sized and occupies a floor space of max. 2 ha.  


Sewage treatment involves four stages: preliminary or primary treatment, flotation system (removal of coarse inorganic materials), biological treatment basin and UV disinfection system. The effluents undergo mechanical, physicochemical and biological treatments. The treated water can be discharged into natural water-storage reservoirs with no environmental damage or harm to humans. Moreover, it can be utilized for recycling water supply purposes. Thanks to the system as outlined above Servolux Agro is fully compliant with the existing environmental stewardship norms and regulations of the Republic of Belarus. It must be noted that these standards and requirements are much more stringent compared to those of Europe. This is yet another argument in support of a high quality image of the domestic products in foreign markets.


The plant capacity is designed not only for the infrastructure of Servolux Agro but is also capable of covering waste-water treatment needs of the residential area of Mezhisetki agro-town.


The Governor of Mogilev oblast, Mr. Rudnik Piotr Mikhailovich, attended the WWTP start-up.


In his speech, the Governor pointed out that …All the projects of Servolux are innovative and successful, and have been implemented on time or ahead of schedule. The recently commissioned broiler operation located in Lezhnevka village of Mogilev area has already allowed to increase the production volume of chicken meat up to 51 K tons being one of the top performers in the CIS countries….


The mass media representatives were also present at the opening ceremony and addressed their questions to the CEO of Servolux, Mr. Baskin Yevgeny Rafailavich, who said …Corporate citizenship and social accountability are essentials of the market strategy of Servolux which is implemented through innovations and high corporate production practices….