Servolux Agro

Branch Servolux Agro is a broiler oriented farm. The history of the enterprise starts from the cooperation of SZAO Servolux with Mogilev broiler poultry farm (MBPF) in 2002.

Within the framework of realization of mutual cooperation of MBPF and SZAO Servolux a new infrastructure of poultry products market of the Republic of Belarus was created — the leading poultry farm with up-to-date technologies on broiler rearing and poultry meat processing.

In 2006, pursuant to a decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Mogilev broiler poultry breeding farm was transferred into ownership of SZAO Servolux. As a subsidiary of SZAO Servolux, the broiler farm was renamed into Servolux Agro.

Reequipment of production and technical facilities of the enterprise allowed to break into a completely different level of quality and volumes of productions. Servolux Agro is a highly effective and profitable enterprise. 

During a short period the poultry breeding farm managed to increase poultry meat production a lot, not only by developing overall production, but also by significant improvement of the quality factors. 

Today Servolux Agro competes with main poultry meat producers not only in Belarus, but in the near-abroad countries as well. The enterprise is equipped with modern state of the art equipment of foreign manufacture. In broiler management houses the technological processes of feeding, drinking, ventilation and heating are automatically controlled by a computer. The equipment of the leading European and domestic manufacturers, like CHORE-TIME (feeding and drinking systems, the Netherlands), Fancom (ventilation equipment, the Netherlands), FARMER AUTOMATIC (broiler cage management systems, Germany), is used there.

In order to expand the product line and increase the quality of the products a slaughterhouse with Meyn (the Netherlands) modern equipment was constructed.

A smooth technological process allows to control the output of the product at all production and offtake stages, from the hatching egg to the shopboard. The products of the poultry farm under the brand name Petruha is well known and expected not only on the consumers market of Belarus, but abroad as well. The producer aims to both provide high quality of the poultry meat products and guarantee its safety and naturalness. With this aim the quality systems ISO 9001: 2000 and are integrated at the enterprise. The confirmation of the naturalness is the certificate allowing to label the products with Natural Product mark. Brand name Petruha is the first holder of such certificate in the Republic of Belarus.