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SZAOServolux (Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus) has targeted to double poultrymeat production up to 50.000,00 tons by 2012 as reported to BELTA.

This objective will beachieved by increasing the existing capacities of the company's operating subsidiaries and through a successful completion of construction of a"greenfield" farm with a production capacity of abt. 20.000,00 tonsof chicken meat in 2012.
The construction works arescheduled to be started this year.
The site will be adjacent tothe existing production facilities of "Servolux Agro" Branch in thevillage of Mezhisetki, Mogilev region.
The latest innovativesolutions related to poultry management, slaughtering, chilling, and rendering willbe implemented to ensure that the end product is high-quality and safe.

- We are not at a stalemate andplace high emphasis on the production development. As recently as last year twopoultry houses were put into operation on the premises of Servolux AgroBranch. In January, 2011 yet another similar facility equipped with the state-of-the-artpoultry cage management system was commissioned. It allows to produce heavy-weightbroilers — more than 2,5 kg — as told by the company. — In September, 2009 anadvanced rendering facility was placed
into operation.

The feeding, watering,ventilation and heating processes are automatically controlled by means ofcomputer systems installed in the broiler chicken houses. The broiler farmincludes 22 cage and floor houses with the equipment of the leading Europeanand local manufacturers.
The genetic trait of thechicken — i.e. high productivity — allows to produce heavy weight broilerswithout the use of any hormonal agents and other dedicated preparations. Thehighest priority is placed on natural ingredients for complete feed productionbased on corn and wheat raw materials
(JSC Eomol) which bears witness tothe top quality of the products sold under Petruha trademark.

Today Servolux Agro Branchof SZAO Servolux is a high-efficiency and profitable business.
The production output totaled26.500,00 tons in 2009. Within a short span of time the poultry farm managed toincrease the capacity not only due to the expansion of production facilities,but also owing to some quality improvements.
Indeed, at-year end 2009 theoperating results were as follows: average daily weight gain of 61.9 grams,feed conversion rate of 1,7 (cwt feed units per cwt weight gain) and livabilityof 95,7%.
These are the best performanceindicators in the poultry business of Belarus.SZAO Servolux (Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus) hastargeted to double poultry meat production up to 50.000,00 tons by 2012 asreported to BELTA.