Alternative Economy

ODO Alternative Economy is one of the largest marketers of the retail food market of Belarus.

Today ODO Alternative Economy is represented by a network of grocery stores Kvartal Vkusa, distributional center, own production of finished and semi-finished products, a café.

Grocery store network Kvartal Vkusa is a network of near home stores with self-service system in Mogilev and Bobruisk. Comfortable sales area, kind personnel, desired product range, expert merchandising facilitate not only to the growth of the trade turnover, but also to the increase of the number of loyal buyers, popularity and fame of the brand Kvartal Vkusa.

Aiming to correspond to the wishes of the buyers ODO Alternative Economy actively develops own confectionary and baked goods mini-production plants, semi-finished products and culinary products facilities.

In 2009 the company launched a distributional center. This center optimizes logistics processes both in own sale facilities and in cooperation with the suppliers. Complex delivery though the distribution center reduces the costs of the suppliers and increases the availability and wish for the products offered in the sales facilities.

Correct density of the stock in the distributional center secures the today-for-tomorrow deliveries, preserving the quality and freshness of the products.

The success of the company is directly connected with its ability to adapt to the pace of the changes of the surroundings (demand trends, demographical factors, economical factors, etc). Taking into account that only the dynamic development will lead to success the management of the company pays much attention both to technical modernization (renovation of the shops, reconfiguration, implementation of the latest IT software on accounting and service to customers, renewal of the shop equipment), and to the investments into personnel development, as it is the most important resource. With this aim the training center was launched, where the knowledge, skills and qualification of the staff of different areas of responsibility are being enhanced.

During 7 years on the market ODO Alternative Economy has developed its own traditions of business activities based on the principles of stability, reliability, mutual trust and long-term relations with the manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Today the main trend in the development of retail sales business is the process of consolidation of Belarusian companies. In 2009 ODO Alternative Economy together with retail network OAO Zadneprovie launched the investment project on renovation and reconfiguration of the stores of OAO Zadneprovie network. The aim of the project is the creation of multi-form networks under Kvartal Vkusa brand name, which will correspond to the claims and wishes of the customers.