Branded retail chain

Today most of us more and more like to purchase poultry meat products in stores, supermarkets and branded market outlets Petruha which are conveniently situated in the streets and markets of our city.

Branded market outlets, departments and sections Petruha stand out due to a wide assortment range of good quality and fresh products, high level of service, perfect cleanliness and beautiful, bright appearance.

Today branded marketing network Petruha is represented in grocery stores Kvartal Vkusa and own market outlets network Petruha, situated in different regions of the Republic of Belarus. The number of branded market outlets is increasing every day!

What differs a branded market outlet Petruha from a usual one? Theres a range of mandatory conditions and requirements which will help you to define whether the outlet is branded or not.

The following is obligatory for a branded market outlet Petruha:

  1. A full (wide) range of poultry meat products of Petruha brand, absence of products from other producer.
  2. A refrigerated display case and refrigerating cabinet which allow to keep the quality of the salable products.
  3. Laying out of the products in the refrigerated display case is made according to the unitary standard. A salesman shall have a book of Petruha Standards.
  4. A set of promotional materials which shape a single brand style and help easily find the location of the market outlet. All promotional materials must contain Petruha logo.
  5. Perfect cleanliness inside the market outlet, on the showcase and on the near-by territory.
  6. Flawless actions of the salesman, highest level of service for the customers.
  7. Petruha branded price tags (not necessarily for a branded department in a store).
  8. Petruha branded badges (not necessarily for a branded department in a store).
  9. Petruha branded plastic bags (not necessarily for a branded department in a store).
  10. Printed out leaflets with culinary receipts from Petruha brand.

In order to keep the standards of service and appearance high all branded market outlets and departments in stores are checked by the representative of the company on site on a daily basis. The conformity with the standards is checked together with the staff of the trade facilities, all mistakes are eliminated and wishes are fulfilled.